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The beginning of the 50-IES of XX century. The outbreak of the Korean War is forcing American boys from simple working class families to join the United States Army and go to War. Many are returning home in coffins, so outrage people increases. Jewish butcher Max Messner is doing everything it can to his son Marcus got into the War. A gifted young man comes to study at College in Ohio, thereby saving themselves, because students did not call in the army.

But Marcus doesn't get the desired freedom, which for so long dreamed of being at home, with family pressure. College Guy too amenable to pressure from very conservative guidance, student community as well as from the synagogue, which received a scholarship. Even at a distance, the family continues to press for Marcus because of his reluctance to join in any fraternity, not suspecting that the College thriving anti-Semitism. Here the guy still have serious School of life and do not know which is better — studies in college or participating in hostilities in Korea?
In 1951, Marcus Messner, a working-class Jewish student from New Jersey, attends a small Ohio college, where he struggles with anti-Semitism, sexual repression, and the ongoing Korean War.
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