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Film-Noir HD 123Movies

City Streets poster
City Streets
7 1931 Movie
Dementia poster
6.8 1955 Movie
The Tijuana Story poster
The Tijuana Story
5.3 1957 Movie
Thunder Road poster
Thunder Road
6.6 1958 Movie
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang poster
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
8.2 1932 Movie
Bullets or Ballots poster
Bullets or Ballots
7 1936 Movie
You Only Live Once poster
You Only Live Once
7.3 1937 Movie
Black Legion poster
Black Legion
7.0 1937 Movie
Marked Woman poster
Marked Woman
7.2 1937 Movie
Dead End poster
Dead End
7.3 1937 Movie
Angels with Dirty Faces poster
Angels with Dirty Faces
7.9 1938 Movie
The Violent Years poster
The Violent Years
3.3 1956 Movie
Slightly Scarlet poster
Slightly Scarlet
6.7 1956 Movie
Spin a Dark Web poster
Spin a Dark Web
6.1 1956 Movie
The Price of Fear poster
The Price of Fear
6.3 1956 Movie
While the City Sleeps poster
While the City Sleeps
7.0 1956 Movie
The Harder They Fall poster
The Harder They Fall
7.5 1956 Movie
The Killing poster
The Killing
8.0 1956 Movie
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt poster
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
6.9 1956 Movie
The Boss poster
The Boss
6.4 1956 Movie
Julie poster
6.1 1956 Movie
The Wrong Man poster
The Wrong Man
7.4 1956 Movie
The Strange One poster
The Strange One
6.9 1957 Movie
The Garment Jungle poster
The Garment Jungle
6.6 1957 Movie
Sweet Smell of Success poster
Sweet Smell of Success
8 1957 Movie
The Female Animal poster
The Female Animal
6.0 1958 Movie
Machine-Gun Kelly poster
Machine-Gun Kelly
6.2 1958 Movie
The Man Who Died Twice poster
The Man Who Died Twice
6.0 1958 Movie
The Lineup poster
The Lineup
7.3 1958 Movie
I Want to Live! poster
I Want to Live!
7.4 1958 Movie
Murder by Contract poster
Murder by Contract
7.3 1958 Movie