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The Legend of Cocaine Island poster

The Legend of Cocaine Island

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The Legend of Cocaine Island is a movie starring Bo Butterworth, Bri Bryant, and Andy Culpepper. A desperate man goes on a buried treasure hunt for $2 million worth of cocaine.
Rodney is an American dreamer. His glass is not only half full, but it's half full of the finest wine you've ever tasted. But when the great recession wipes out his construction business in Central Florida, his family faces a nightmare of debt. One evening around a campfire, Rodney hears a story from an old, bare-footed hippy that just might solve his family's problems. There's an island. There's a map. And there's buried treasure...$2 million dollars just waiting for someone to dig it up. Rodney is hooked. But there's just one slight, itty-bitty problem...he doesn't have a shovel. Oh, and the $2 million dollars just happens to be in cocaine form.
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