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Many years ago the protagonist tragiComedy Golgotha is a Catholic priest, father James Lavelle has chosen his path, the path dedicated to the service of God and people. He lives in a small provincial town and serves in the local church, occasionally listening to confessions of parishioners, which not too many left. Most of the inhabitants of the town do not attend church and do not need the remission of sins, but father James sincerely believes in people and trying to save their souls. For many years of service in the Church, during confessions, father James I've heard different.

But one day during the repentance of one of the parishioners, the priest learns that he is going to kill him for his lack of sins. The mysterious man gives the father James time to finish all his work before his death. Being a believer priest not panics, not running to the edge of the world, no representation in the police, and continues to live quietly and do their thing, sincerely believing in the virtue of forgiveness.
A veteran actress comes face-to-face with an uncomfortable reflection of herself when she agrees to take part in a revival of the play that launched her career 20 years earlier.
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